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Photo Credit: Rita Gayford
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Hank & Brad at carlin How: Photo, Mick Mick LObley



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Hank onstage at Bridport Electric Palace 2016

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Guestbook Entries

Russell Bulkeley

Fantastic night at the SPARC Music festival in Great Malvern. Great to have you back in the Midlands. Can't wait for the new album. Where does Brad get his suits from?

Rita Gayford

Heeya! I have a few pics from Friday’s gig Downstairs at the Kings Head if you’d like them. Are you on the twitter? If so, you can see the ones I tweeted that night... Keep On Waltzing. Rita x (see left: webweaver)

Warwick Jones

Thank you all for a wonderful evening on Friday in Holt. Not one rain drop fell on us because we were all sheltering under an umbrella of sincerity. We used to live round the corner from the Pegasus in the 70's & 80's. Now I've got the tea towel. Y'all come back now!

Jill Gallop

Thanks for singing “Anyway” for me Hank, made my day!

Tony Dawes

Dear Hank, I have enjoyed your music since seeing you on TV (I still have the A to Z of Coubtry Music on videotape somewhere) but have never seen you live. Until tonight. What a great show, so thanks to you, the band and BJ, who I once met at a music and electronic show. He was playing his pedal steel with a hex pickup attached to a synth. Was that a tenor Uke you were playing? I may have to get one.  Thanks for a great evening and come back to Bungay. P.S. Also thanks for signing my CD. I'll play a couple of country songs at the next Open Mic at the Fisher and dedicate them to you.

Jim Connor

Last time I saw you was over 30 years ago in Putney..the half moon I think. So enjoyed your music, your band and your humour in tonights gig at the Electric Palace. Keep on keeping on. Best wishes Jim Connor & yes bought your new album

Bridget Streatfeild-James

Hi Hank. Good to see you and the Lost Cowboys on Sunday. Attached is your tea towel which has pride of place in our kitchen. By the way we miss Reg, presume he’s busy promoting his new album? Very impressed with BJ Cole, first time we’ve seen him. Always impressed with Martin all the best Bridget. Ps please can you change my email address as no longer at Nelsons. Thanks again!

Tom Conway

Dear Hank.  A quick mail to thank you for your gig of couple of weeks ago. As usual a musical extravaganza with a full repertoire of C&W melancholia. Long may it last. Just in case you are looking to refresh your programme I can highly recommend the song “A Tear Fell” the Searchers version which I came across yesterday on Brian Matthew’s Sounds of the Sixties. In waltz timing with the obligatory level of misery – a very suitable number for the HW treatment. I’m sure this number would be a fitting addition to the Lost Cowboys repertoire. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

W J A Bullough

Hi Hank/Sam.
Thank you for a fantastic afternoon in Islington, the bass thing worked brilliantly and made for a special time. It is just inspiring to see you still growing and developing so wonderfully as a writer and musician 34 years on from those happy times we all shared in The Pegasus. To quote your erstwhile patient Mr Richards, 'Some things get better with age, like me'. All the very best and see you again soon. John Bullough

Peter Krijgsman

Recommend the South Woodchester Convent gig on Netgiglive (or whatever it's called) to everyone.  Two hours of misery to be consumed at leisure as you survey the empty plains of your life from a lonesome laptop. And all for the price of a bottle of Chianti, (not very good Chianti at that - no rafia round the bottom and a headache from hell, thank you Wholesale Cooperative Society). Fine renditions of some old favourites and a few new ones too. Top performance from the Lost Cowboys and Spanner Robinson, unless she is a cowboy too, but she doesn't look like one (am I allowed to say that these days?). A few slips add the sort of authenticity that Tony Blair would invade a country for. Buy now.

Bryan and Joanna Connor

We 1st saw you in The Half Moon in Putney back in 1990 had never been a fan of country until then. Still makes me laugh the story about the pink suit during the red wedge tour

John & Linda Leigh

Hi Hank
Just listening to the waltz CD! It was really nice to meet and chat after the gig.We enjoyed the Gram Parsons story ( you should have taken the Martin). We really enjoyed the gig and shared your appreciation of the lost cowboys. I was struck (in a purely avuncular, medical sense) by Anna spanner's excellent lower limb muscle definition. Is she a runner/triathlete as well? Not I suspect a member of your mountaineering club though! Hopefully we will get to your gig in East Harptree in due course. If not, hope to see you in Bristol soon. All good wishes John and Linda

Bryan and Carole Isaac

Thanks for a great night at The Fox in Fremington Nth Devon, we really enjoyed the evening and meeting you again, hope you enjoy the DVD we gave you. Oh and thanks for the tea cloth.


Great misery in Birmingham. Loved  Brads dulcimer, but missed 'Half A Man'.

Ian McDonald

Thanks for a great gig on Sunday at the Half Moon. Great guitar from Martin Belmont and pedal steel from BJ Cole and a great rhythm section too, and the addition of Spanner Robinson on harmonies [and a wonderful Lucinda Williams cover] brought back memories of Irma Cetas and Sissy Footwear. Would be great to see you back here in Edinburgh.

Brian Elliott

A great show in Leicester and Birmingham. The couple waltzing at Leicester really made me wish I had paid more attention to dance classes back in the days. Still, I did get to buy the first copy of the vinyl album. See you soon!

Stephen Poultney

Great night. Great to talk to u and 'mrs wangford' after the gig. Keep on waltzin'. All the best karen and steve.

Lindsay Reid

Thanks to you and Brad for a thoroughly enjoyable night of misery. You also left something to remember you by:- Mark, Simon and Margie have caught the Wangford cold! We think you should sell a range of hankies as well as tea towels. Good luck for the rest of your tour. We certainly had a good night at Kempley Stadium. Best Regards

Ann Conlon

Just wondering if you have any plans to gig in the North East? It has been way too long.

Neil Davidson

Dear  Hank  - thanks so much for putting on a concert just up the road from my house for my 59th Birthday.  I left the house at 7.10 thinking I was probably heading to darkest Cheltenham but instead ended up in the Grand Ol'' Oprey (Stroud branch). Hope you can come back and play for my 60th same time next year (surprisingly). Quite happy for all those other people to be there (even though I didn't know many of them). Keep Walking Yours in sincere misery

Roger Drury

Just wanted to thank you for brightening a chilly night in Lydney. Lovely playing and performances felt with the other band you were somewhat trapped in the Jaws of Country Irony.... Hope you can come back to the Forest sometime and we can find a few more people to greet you !!
Your comments about community and size  in rural areas were on the nose please add me to your mailings. best wishes

Paula Burl

Hello Hank, Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say really enjoyed seeing you at the John Peel Centre. I must confess this was the first time I had heard your music. I really enjoyed it was great to really listen to the music and hear the history and the stories behind them in a great venue. With the internet you don't get as much information. I used to love exploring record covers reading the lyrics and the designs were great. My Nan was a huge country fan and rock n roll fan. She had the most amazing gramophone with a tone I have never heard since. I used to go through all her 78's,36's,45's and one record sticks in particular. I can't remember the name but the lyrics go like this......One day at a time sweet Jesus that's all i'm asking of you just give the strength to do everything that I have to do and the other was Mississippi you've been on my mind, especially liked the bit with the honky tonk guitar ;-). Spanners voice remind very much of her. Yodelling was cool.... I had only ever listened to yodelling on the gramophone. I took you advice and looked at your website and would be very interested to hear more about the Church of Universal Life. Also funny we went through Wangford on our summer holiday as we got thoroughly lost looking for north cove!  Must go now, as children are up and fighting already and it's only 7.15!  Best wishes to all and thanks for a lovely evening. 

Ciaran Watters Around the early 90’s, you done a great tv show for BBC 2, with content on Dwight Yoakam and new country at the time, you also covered an amazing band called ...THE WAGGONER BROTHERs.... or something like that, they were brilliant, but I never heard of them since. Do you remember, are you able to give me any information on this show. Please contact me as i'm very curious about this band.
Sue Brown

Hi, We are very much looking forward to your event at Lyde Court near Hereford on Friday 22nd Feb 2013.  I saw you late 70's early 80's????? somewhere in the London suburbs - and have never forgotten the wonderful experience!! (just forgotten when!!)  I have lived near Hereford for the last 10 years with my country music fan husband and can  hardly wait for your gig at Lyde Court this coming Friday - It has been TOOOOOO long!  We have just listened to your cd,  Wake Up Dead, whilst having a delicious meal just to get us in the mood for Friday.  See you there   Sue and Paul Brown

Elizabeth Lesley

Dear Hank. Enjoyed the evening at the New Vic very much but I couldn’t see your eyes! Not very good for audience contact. The shadow of your hat fell across your nose and acted as a shade. I think that you should not pull it so far down or wear one of the others with a narrower or upturned brim. I waited a little while in the foyer to tell you this gem in person but eventually had to hit the saddle.  With every good wish

Alan Wilkinson

Thoroughly enjoyed Friday 7 December at Hovingham, North Yorks, as we always do. Hank, having thrust a card advertising my book The Red House On The Niobrara into your hand I feel obliged now to buy your own magnum opus. It'll be my Christmas present to myself. Thanks for a terrific show. I was worried that I'd miss big Martin. Well, I did - but Brad was a superb replacement; and what a voice. You sure can pick `em.

Jane Sutton

Thanks to you, Brad and the lovely bassplayer (whose name I didn't catch) for the great evening at the Downley Memorial hall.  My mum and dad (Enid and Ken) had a fantastic time with superb music and some laughs too. Thanks also for signing the CD, I can't remember the last time someone made my mum blush - you made her day! Please could you put me on your mailing list - we'd love to come and see you perform again. Jane Sutton

Bill Watson

Good to see you still going strong.last saw you in Roughmussel Glasgow. Good luck Sam.

Mary Rothera

Hi Hank and the Band . Came to see you at Victoria hall Saltaire . Fab performance as usual we had a great night .  Love you Hank!   Mary Rothera a BIG fan................

Nigel White

Hi Hank, great to meet you at the gig last night, along with my old mate Andy and meeting Paul, (who will see this message).  I thoroughly enjoyed the depression and misery and will look forward to another dose in the future! What concerned me was how many of the songs seemed to ring true for me! 

Bing Boast

Hi Hank, Yes disgusted the torch will bypass Wangford – diabolical! I have been a fan for years & infuriate friends always praising Big Hank Wangford. Now in my seventies but very mobile & active, reading not my scene, 5-7 books all my life, recently I have become chair bound by spinal stenosis ( hopefully repairable by surgery) . Feeling down, bored & fed up a friend called & pushed a copy of “Lost Cowboys” the history of the origin of the cowboy – what a read – brilliant, your descriptive writing is typical Hank W & makes one feel as if I’m in the saddle in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, my boredom replaced by remarkable story of the origin of the cowboy – totally amazing from the origins of the Spanish, northwards across the Southern American continent. Thanks for a beautiful read, your writing only surpassed by your music.   No torch for Wangford ? well when are you next this way?? Best wishes, keep up the writing & singing.

Brian Elliot

Hi Hank, it was great to see you the other week in the semi-historic Cloughton and Burniston Village Hall when we were up there on holiday. We really enjoyed the misery and hope you made it up through the snow line the next night. Hopefully, if I make it through the pain of the divorce court in the coming months, we will see you again soon. Can I just say a quick hello to Karl whom I remember from the days of the Putney Polkaholics and, yes, I still have that tape that came from Bax! And the one from Lewisham Town Hall as well.

Alan Jenkins

Hank, Nice to know you are alive and well! Just noticed the gig at the Ram Club in November. I’ll start saving now.  Rave On

John Sanders

Hank – we were hoping to see you again in South Clifton (Notts), but you are not performing in Midland’s small halls this time. Please come back! John and Raija.  x

Brenda Ingham

Hi Hank. I am one of the people who travelled with you from the Falklands and would love to know if you plan another gig in Bungay or thereabouts in the near future?  We so enjoyed the last one.  Hope you are now keeping well again. Is there any chance of a new CD coming out?  Take good care now.  Brenda.

Mick Lobley

Just like to let you know how much I enjoyed last night at Carlin How it was a treat. Regards Mick .

Simon Hughes

Can't wait for the Good Friday gig at Carlin How. Looking forward to the depths of misery that can be conveyed through the media of song, yodelling, hollering and whistling. Not sure if you do requests but if you could do the George Jones/Jerry Chesnut classic Good year for the roses then my night would be more than complete. Last time we saw you at Ingleby Greenhow we managed to span the ages and bring family from the ages of 2 to 97, a more condensed 9 to 70+ this time.

Karl Williams

Hi Hank. Like some others who've posted I'm one of the relics from those regular nights at the Half Moon in Putney and the A to Z of C&W and all that '80s stuff. So it was great to find myself free and close by enough to re-visit my teenage years and the much changed but still welcoming Putney watering hole the other night for your "Vilentines" special. I've managed to catch you occasionally over the intervening years and have really enjoyed the way the sets have developed, so keep up the good work. Now I just need to dig out the bootleg (on tape no less) that one of your sound technicians gave me all those years ago so that I can listen to Honky Tonkin' again with the sound up and a couple of beers. Regards


Hi Hank...I posted into a soul Music forum that i once see James Brown perform at the Albert Hall and East Ham Granada on the same night...it was "doubted" by somebody then after about 10 mins on google i found an article from  yourself talking about being there on the same night.....Thanks for your memory!....lol

Billie Billie

Hi hank. Please come and see us folk soon. Dorset just wasn't close enough.

Alan Burnham

Hello. First time I've been to a Hank Wangford gig (last night at Green Note) and have become instant fan. Must see more so please put me on the mailing list.

Jeffrey Parker

I will never forget some beer that I had in a pub called the Scole Inn in 1975 or 76 at a performance by Hank Wangford and the Hankerers. They were all gynaecologists or similar part-timing in country music.  The beer was like nectar.  It was Cains, straight out of the barrel in a barn behind the pub, and I have never had it, nor forgotten it, since.


Just found out about you a short time ago.You may not be from Texas but you should be.We need you here quick.Your stuff kicks ass.Cmon down.   Todd

David Price

Hank. I lived in London in the 80's (that was last century) and I used to go to gigs at the Half Moon in Putney, Green Lanes (??Plains?? - memory is a bugger) and saw your gig at the Hackney Palais when it first re-opened - the Topp Twins were on the bill. I used to drag any Australians (and others) I could to your gigs and we always had a great time. One of those friends died recently - very prematurely, I might add. We had a memorial service for him today. Lots of reminiscing and a recurring theme was "who was that band he loved from the UK?" I was able to fill them in! He had his "Jogging with Jesus" T-shirt forever (he was wearing it when he met his wife), had your music on cassette,.... Anyway, thought you might like to know of an enduring fan. cheers

Brian Hovercraft

Hi Hank. I was also  member of the Universal Life Church and managed to get Reverend onto all my documents  - great value ...but I excommunicated myself from the U.L.C. around the late 90's [as y'do] - primarily to set up my own range of half-price ersatz shrines... anyway ...saw your profile on linked-in and so was reminded how bloody funny you are  and also via peering at your interwebsite  consider that nude mountaineering is also certainly a step in the right direction ...I also used to go and see you lot in the early to mid 80's prior to becoming a tad more reclusive - and so on that basis... request  this address here to added to your mailing list so as I can maybe ketchup. with kind regards & toodle pip

Peter Krijgsman

Moved by news of the Johnny Cash Lite to buy Whistling in the Dark before, er, the possible rush if you see what I mean. It is a sweet little pudding of misery, somehow lacking the raisins and hazelnuts of amusement that often characterise the Reverend's work. No less an achievement for that, but wonder if we are into a new phase of unadultery-ated misery. I guess the adultery-ated version is more common amongst younger folk - prominent football stars and the like - Anyway the advice to all readers of this cyber message is buy the album.  Continue the good recovery doc.

Mary Rothera

HI Hank and Brad .What a great night we had at your gig in Hunmanby...........Big thanks for signing my CD .Im off to cry in my beer now

Gill Ellam

"Thank you, Hank and Brad, for a wonderful evening at Hunmanby last night - so entertaining and excellent musicians.  Thanks for signing my CD at the end of the evening and sorry you weren't able to enjoy staying in Filey a little longer than overnight but appreciate you had to get back home (Brad's poorly car!) We've recommended your gigs to anyone who'll listen to us, and my husband Tony said he also really enjoyed the gig, even though we were "sitting in the spitting zone".

Brian Elliot

We sincerely hope you are recovering, Hank, and not overdoing it!

Andrew Hathaway

Thanks for a great night at the quay theatre in Sudbury. I have not seen Hank for about 25 years - I was always a regular at the Half Moon in the 80's. It was great to see a true showman at work. The only downside was the missing handkerchief - where will I get one living deep in the Suffolk countryside

James Moroney

My wife and I saw Hank and the boys for the first time on Saturday in the Centenary Hall, Peel, Isle of Man. As far as country music goes we  are more Nancy Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter fans, along with lots of other musical styles. I was knocked out especially by the original songs, the great band and...... Hank. What a writer, showman and all round philosopher and good guy. Look forward to seeing you again. Saw Graham Parker and the Rumour supporting Thin Lizzy around 1977 in Dalymount Park, Dublin with the Boomtown Rats opening the show! Wonder if Martin was with them then? James and Michele Moroney (Isle of Man)

Paddy Milne

Hi. This is Paddy from Wangaratta, Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw the band 30 years ago in Islington and still have your album, Jogging for Jesus which we play endlessly, also have J f J sweatshirt as well. We were in Hackney for 7 years and had 2 kids there!Great to see the spirit still moving, we have a great band in Melb. called the Prayer Babies which is similar to your group in enthusiam, fun and great music. Gonna see if can order a CD as wanted to convert your album to digital but don't have the means. Regards

Leigh Rossi

Thank you to Hank and Brad for yet another evening of pure misery, thoroughly enjoyable.  I so loved the tales of the rabbit ranch and the swimming pool business.  As always, the music was sublime. Here’s to the next “No Hall Too Small” Dorset gig!

Christine Bridson-Jones

Hello Hank, My husband and I enjoyed the gig at Winfrith last night. Loved the music and had a good laugh too. Keep doing what you're doing. Also thought Brad Breath is a great musician, and a perfect partner for your gigs. Best wishes

Brian, Sarah and Gregory Elliott

A great night of misery and gloom at the semi-historic Grange hall on Friday night. Sadly, the misery deepened for real on Saturday on reading about the sad demise of the great Charlie Louvin.

Stephen & Anne Jackson

Great gig at Hemingby, Hank. Terrific combination of yourself & Brad. Been listening to Whistling In The Dark (purchased on the night) and I've since bought Best Foot Forward from ebay! Keep on dishing out the misery.

Tom Lightfoot

Many thanks for a fantastic evening I enjoyed every minute of yours and Brad's performance.

Paul Hickson

Thanks for a great night at Hemmingby and it was great to chat to you again. Hope to catch up with the full band when I'm down in the smoke next time. Hope you found the "Old Hat Music" shop in Horncastle OK! Oh and tell Andy that I've gone a bought a "Ryder" Telecaster. The new album sounds righteous brother! See ya on the trail!

Stewart Hogg

A wonderful evening – hank you Messrs Wangford and Breath! Enjoying the CDs I bought as I type this, and already planning the next trip out to catch you again. Do you have an official Wangford Groupies badge, or do we have to make our own?? Hanks again for a GREAT night out.

Russell Bulkeley

Thanks for the note - we are coming to the end of month Friday night gig in Nottingham. When is the new 'Waltz' album out? Regards  Russell

Paul Hickson

Hi Hank, Looking forward to the 'No Hall Too Small' gig in Hemingby on the 23rd January. Gonna round up a posse! Cheers

Mick Stone

Thanks to Hank and Brad for braving the ice and snow to provide a great evening at Twickfolk. Superb stuff.

Christine Gallagher

Hey Hank…just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the Lost Cowboys for another fabulous evening. Last night was my second time seeing you at the Half Moon as we were there for your 70th birthday prequel (my hubby has always been a fan) and I loved it so much, we felt we just had to come back. However, I must say that rather than feeling the misery…I found the whole experience to be very uplifting. Sorry ;) xx P.S. Happy Christmas! x

Donald Graham

Really enjoyed the Shed Christmas gig.   The wife bought your CDs and I meant to get one from BJ Cole but got detained at the bar – I’ll put that right.  Wonderful pedal steel playing.

Tim Smith

A sublime evening of top quality misery and elation delivered with precision and style by you and the band. Come back soon!

Russell Bulkeley

Another great night of misery. Good to see you again in the Midlands

Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Really enjoyed the Donkey gig in Leicester after years with only a 12" of Cowboys ... to listen to. Come back soon! Already listening to the CDs ...

Phil Gallagher
Hank - Great night at the Half Moon on your birthday prequel. Not seen you since the mid 80's but always been a fan. My wife had never seen you before - she's now booking for the 15th Dec!!!!!!!. One word - QUALITY.

Malcolm Penny

Hi Hank, From the second row of the Whitbourne choir, a second bass salutes you. We had a great time, thank you, and I like to think that there were some there who came because it was Arts Alive, or their village hall, or something - in other words, who hadn't heard you before. I feel a bit like the man who said to Sam Clemens that he was sorry he had read all Mark Twain's books, because now he wouldn't have the joy of reading one for the first time ; but we heard some new songs from you and Brad, so thanks again. In the realm of  lines to remember, my C&W uke-playing son offers "If I'd killed you when I met you I'd be out of jail by now". I remember you from the TV series about the gynaecologist all dressed in black, at the Mean Fiddler, was it ? And for all those years since. Great night in the hills of Herefordshire. Love and best

Rob Sawdy

Dear Hank,  Just wanted to say Thank you to you and Brad for a splendid Gig the other week. I was immediately taken up into an addictive world of foot tapping miserable music. I bought a CD of yours and am in further Volvo heaven each morning as I drive to work at Poole hospital. I enjoyed very much our conversation about best ways to anaesthetise prior to fitting LARCS. I am compiling a Xmas list this year and have remembered the great George Jones but who was the guy you said sang flat all the time? Sorry to be so ignorant but, you see, up until now I hated Country music. But I'm getting on a bit now (46 in a few days) and I now get it. Any other suggestions for a short musical pilgrimage gratefully received. Look forward to seeing you again, Rob

Bob Gittins

Hi Hank,  Just to let you know that I had a really miserable evening last night. I had to speak to Dave Cropp the Lord Mayor of Martley, my wife knocked my beer over, and I was forced to listen to you and Brad with as series of Samaritan contact inducing songs. I did call Samaratans but when I mentioned your name they hung up on me, muttering statements like, he is not still going is he!, It’s your fault for attending his concert!, What did you expect sunshine and roses! We can’t do anything! Overall much better than watching Anne Widdecombe on Strickly Come Dancing.  Thanks for last night at least I did not Wake up Dead this morning.

Paul Seaton

Hi there,  I was a great fan back in the old days at the Pegasus, Green Lanes, Stoke Newington / Irma Setas etc etc / happy nights :-)  Anyway, i always remembered that fateful tune 'Cowboys stay on longer' because it made me laugh ( rare event ) ... & now i find myself , as a sometime singer etc myself, wanting to sing the damn thing BUT I can't find the lyrics anywhere & can't make them all out on the video i found on YouTube... So ... ( hey it's a short song...) can anyone help me out ?  Plank Plangford ok yes i know it's actually Paul Seaton

Caroline Churcher

Hiya Hank.  Thanks for a great night at the Bridport Hat Festival.  I just happened to be on holiday and it was my final evening.  What a wonderful way  (www) to end a fab few days in West Dorset.  Looking forward to seeing you at Ibberton in October which is much nearer home.

Sian Stuart

Hi polishing up the boots ,quick stepping with small black dog 2 bob wills ...getting in the mood for a bit of honkytonking...so much happier than last meet up & so looking forward 2 seeing you & brad on stage together ...that.s been ages!...it's sian.....stuart ...davies....luego...

Dennis Magnan

I was introduced to you while I was living in the UK by a lovely Kent lady.  She said you were “an acquired” taste… boy was she right!   We went together at one of your village hall  concerts and like a rattle snake, once you’re “bit” your never the same! Listening to your songs of gloom, heartbreak and woe made any bad days seem better! She’s  unfortunately  left and I’m now back in the USA….. drinking cheap beer out of dirty glasses.  I lost her but gain you !   Now that story would make for a great “Wangford” song of woe!!!  Keep writing them songs !!!

Andy Hall

You are a legend Hank !!!

Jackir Mulligan

Thank you Hank for being such a star in sunny Saltaire. Your
performance made the day and I think won you some new very young fans.
So great that some of the two year olds in the audience can now spell
D I V O R C E. Jackie aka Diva J of the Dubious Divas



ID writes:
"Re your piece on Dr Hank Wangford. About twenty years ago I had a lovely dinner with the good doctor. Within ten minutes of us sitting down, he had mentioned labia, and during the main course he marvelled at how my girlfriend, who was also present, had been born with all the eggs she would ever have, while he and I were manufacturing sperm as we sat there. Since then I've never had Dover Sole without thinking of him."

Barrie ‘Loretta’ Hartley

Still remember “Jogging with Jesus” at the mean fiddler many years ago. Well I aint  Skatin’ with Satan so thank the Lard that you were there for me Hank.

Jenny Manders

Hi. Are there any plans to come to Cardiff some time soon?

Barry J Saunders

Hi Hank - have been addicted to the misery since we saw you at the Larmer Tree several years back, but til last weekend you've been our guilty secret. However, brought some friends to see you and the Cowboys at Shorheam Ropetackle the other weekend and they all had a terrific time. My friend who's getting divorced cried with laughter most of the evening. Fantastic night and can't wait til you're back in West Sussex. Baz & Sue. ps - what was the name of the mono-joke-guy - "Eggs again, I'll be bound!"

Jenny Beresford

Hi Hank Really love the song Lonely Together - means a lot to me. I would like to know who wrote it and I have not been able to find the lyrics and guitar tab yet. Will you be coming to the West Country again - you once performed at Roadwater - will you be back? Best Wishes
Webmaster:  Check out the new Lyrics page.

Caroline Churcher

Thanks for a night of woe and whining in Wimborne (now there's a www for you) - I never thought misery could be such fun. When we knew you were returning to the Tivoli we hastily arranged childcare and hotfooted it over from Christchurch. Preceded by a the best Indian meal I've had - the evening gradually progressed deeper into the heart of another country...one where the cares and disasters of our own lives were reflected in words and music, and made us feel much better. Can you please make this venue a regular event in your calendar? love and misery

Andy "Kipster" Kippen

Hi Hank, I'm in the process of moving home and upon emptying my loft have come across a poster from the new albany theatre gig/Boot Hill 2/Armageddon Outa Here and realise how well you've aged, unlike myself. Please tell me it's down to wholesome mamas cooking, clean living and testification. Perhaps I did more "skating" than "jogging". Thanks for the memories of the greatest honkytonk bar in europe, (Theatre royal Stratford). I'm looking for one of your songs to play at my funeral but too many to choose from. Perhaps someone reading your guestbook might have some ideas. with love

Jill Dunstan

Finally saw you in Penzance - my only regret is missing you in Enfield all those years ago.  Excellent evening's entertainment, thoroughly enjoyable (and what a great venue)!  Hope you make it back to somewhere in West Cornwall soon.  Any chance of a playlist for that evening, it was a pivotal one for me for several reasons, and I'd like the playlist to recall my thought/emotion seqence on that evening and afterwards?  I saw that you had it noted down, but you may have binned it after the event.  Thank you for the dedication - the 'egg song' (missed the title) was eggcelent (sorry).   Which album is it on (if any), and would you send the lyrics to me, please?   I'm definitely NOT missing any more of your gigs in this neck of the woods (not that are many trees around here........)

Martin Replay

Keep up the good work Hank, best wishes from another cowboy outfit Splash the Cash [spreading the word of JC]

Paul Wingrove

Dear Hank. So now I have been listening to the CD (Songs from the Ledge) that I bought at the Boom Boom. It’s just full of the most wonderful melodies, harmonies and lyrics. My friend Laurel bought the new one (Whistling in the Dark) at the same time, so I will listen to that when she lets me. We both agree that you are a real artist. And afterwards we discovered that you and Laurel probably overlapped at university. So there you go.

Beth Jackson
Hi there. I've been scouring the net looking for the words to Jealousy, and rummaging through my old tapes trying to find it, but had no such luck. And I wonder if you would be so kind as to forwrd them to me. I've always found those lyrics a scream, yet so true to our human condition. Hoping you have got
them on hand to reply, Yours Faithfully. Beth Jackson

Paul Wingrove

A fabulous night at the Boom Boom, Sutton. Hanks, thank. Sorry – thanks, Hank.

Roland Pascoe

I first saw the man back in 1976. It was Norwich , in a park one bank holiday. Someone had organised a flat bed truck , bedecked in logo's for a local chicken producer,no not Beutiful Bernard. The line up had amongst others a wonderful folk singer Walter Pardon and Mr Wangford. From then I had to get regular fixes.
I moved to Yorkshire and found the Lost Cowboys and their leader in Windsor Baths, Bradford  1989 one cold and foggy night. So cold we kept our hats and coats on in the venue. Only about 20 people turned up.
The old lasoo caught me again last week  and took me to Freckingham, Suffolk to see Hank and Reg in the village hall. Worth every mile of the journey from Norwich and the major grief I got for driving the works van to and from the gig. Sometimes a man just got to do what a man's got to do.
Thank you Hank and all those lost cowboys to whom you gave a home to.

Graham & Linda Powell

We used to follow the band whenever they came to the Bristol area in the
80's but completely lost touch! Please tell me they are still about? Is
there a 2009 itinerary?

Graham Moore

I'm preparing a movie with a story that's going to feel familiar and I hope
appealing. Wonder if you'd like to meet up for a chat. best wishes

Brian Elliot

That was a great night in Barkston and Syston on Friday night and we all enjoyed it immensely. Hope the CDs worked ok for you!

Russell Bulkeley

Great night with yourself and Reg. What though was the name of the final song you sang?

Petri Aarnio

I need that album, Whistling In The Dark, and it's not available. Whistling in the dark is not distributed to Finland and I won't pay CDON's price: 46 euros for it. Importers have tried to order it for me-with no success!

David Ewings

Hi Hank. Saw you again last night in Norwich. What a great show. Thanks a lot. You and the Lost Cowboys sound better than ever. Your new CD is great (as are all the others). I’m really looking forward to the suggested CD of waltzes. Is that a possibility or just “cowpie in the sky?”   I’ve been enjoying your shows for almost 30 years Hank. Please don’t stop. The pleasure is immeasurable.  Kind regards David Ewings

Ray Leary

Hi Hank. It was good to speak to you yesterday [Saturday]. It was also good to hear some songs that don't seem to be a regular part of the set for the past few years, which set me to thinking... My other job is being a Deadhead, and in keeping with their recent releases I wondered if you've thought of putting out a live boxset that could include all the previous Wangfords.  Just imagine: we could hear Jet Atkins and Martin trying to out-psychedelicise  each other, and what of the recordings made for T,V,'s 'A to Z' with Peter Rowan and Sleepy la Beef etc.?  And maybe the WWWW cd could be included as a bonus disc, and the sleeve could have a fold-out of the Half Moon Putney, with cutout Members of the band that could be assembled into different line-ups -  maybe with Brad Breath, B. J. Jet and Martin in the same band no-one would have ever heard the Sex Pistols. Who Knows? I'm sure Col. Frank could run with these ideas...perhaps even make them happen. Anyway good luck in the Champions League, maybe see you down craven Cottage next season, if not before in Putney.  Take care, best wishes

Christine Funk

Hi, I am working on a documentary about Peter Rowan and I came across the mule skinner song on You tube with Peter Rowan and I would like to see how I can acquire that video for possible use in the documentary.  It seems it was on the British TV series "The A to Z of C&W" that you created.
Can you let me know if you might know where the original footage was filmed and who filmed it??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HlfYNskrEY
Thanks for your time! Happy Trails.

Steve Grant

I am still “Skating with Satan” I have finally come home after all those years in the wilderness, love the new LP whoops CD maan. Hope to catch up with you on the tour – May your god go with you in 2009.   Regards

Peter K - Somerset

I first saw Hank 25 years ago, playing Big G, Chico, Cowboys Stay on Longer. Bobby Valentino a weird mutation of Bing Crosby/Clark Gable playing fiddle. Was Irma Seetas in the line-up then?  Someone Footwear? We smoked high tar cigarettes and drank Young's Special, hooted and hollered and pledged eternal allegiance, staggered home through the cold night air to our snoring beds and hop-fuelled hangovers. We think of it as the good old days, then think again on the social unrest of those times, the endless path towards a yuppy hell heaven. Thatcher understood country music because she took all the misery in the world, screwed it up into a little ball and left it to rot in the coal fields and the iron works, turned the rest of us into house-owning railway barons with 2.2 Mondeos and a cheese-braining media that reassured us continually that our guilt was mistaken. Roll forward to today and the world we built is crumbling. New voices stake their claim to lead us from the darkness. Meanwhile an old one is still there, not trying to lead but singing from the roadside. New songs but with the same messages: Humankind is weak, but that doesn't make it all bad; Humankind is sad, but also really very funny. The human conditon is serious, but not always to be taken seriously.  If we listen to our souls again, embrace the contrasts and contradictions rather than place them in boxes well apart from each other, we will find hope and maybe, one day, redemption. Good old Hank Wangford. He brings more than a smile.

Roger Moore (no not the actor-imposter!)

We really loved the show on Saturday - it is the sixth year a group of us from York have come to Shed for the 'Christmas Misery' show - used to be a car-ful of us  - we now need a big bus to fit us all in. Have you ever thought of adding 'Dark side of the Street' to your repertoire (sorry if you have!) ... I think Dan Penn called it the ultimate cheating song and it is so beautifully sad. Keep on making our Christmases truly miserable!

Beryl Nairn
Just seen Hank & The Boys last night, at The Shed, Hovingham. They've been going there for 10 years and I think we have too! What a night! The boys were really rocking - and Martin Belmont was just flying... What a night! The boys were really rocking - and Martin Belmont was just flying... Why aren't Reg's songs in the charts? They're so brilliant. We love Hank and look forward
to next year. Thanks to Lord Shed (as always).
Ray Andrews

Just found "Love has no Pride" on You Tube.  The memories flooded back of those dozens of gigs at the Pegasus. Fantastic!

Kingsley Elliff

Thanks for a great night at Bungay.

Kevan James

Hi Hank!!  Love the new album - good luck with it!  Great new website too!!  Looking forward to seeing you in Norfolk again soon!  One more thing - any chance of a CD release of the "Rodeo Radio" album??  Still a bit early but Merry Christmas!! Cheers, Kev

J Highnam
When is Hank going to play up North in Liverpool/Southport area?
He has played previously at Southport Arts Centre and Liverpool Bluecoat Chambers
Guestbook Entry

It was only a matter of time before Hank’s foolishness in cyberspace caught up with him. Soon every critter and crooner fer miles around was hijackin’ his mail list, consignin’ Hank and his Lost Cowboys to that spam filter in the sky. At night you can hear him sometimes, yodelling amongst the Viagra cures, imitation Rolex purveyors and penile extension merchants, and y’ know, I think he’s happy there, because misery is at its deepest in the darkest corners of commerce, where folks scrape a living off the dust left by dead men, and men who wish they were dead….