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Hank onstage at Bridport Electric Palace 2016


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Whistling in the Dark


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The Lost Cowboys

BJ Cole is a unique innovator on the Pedal Steel Guitar who has carved out a formidable reputation as a session musician and was also a founder member of the British post psychedelic band Cochise. He also established Cow Pie Records which led to his long term association with Hank Wangford. BJ has recently (2020) released his new Hawaiian tribute album (I'll check the title) with Hank adding lyrics and lead vocals to Paniolo Song.. All on Cowpie Records.
B J Cole
Martin Belmont  
  Martin Belmont - Stratocaster and 6-String Bass, ex-Graham Parker & the Rumour, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash. Best hard core country guitarist around. Hear him ride the whammy bar on the 6-string bass and tremble. A giant on his CD "BIG GUITAR". and "THE GUEST LIST".
  Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster - bass guitar. Doll by Doll bassist goes hard country. A powerhouse of C&W and honky tonk rhythms. In demand on the London roots music scene.
Roy Dodds  
Roy Dodds - drums. Ex-Fairground Attraction, plays with Eddie Reader and has produced her new album in 2000. Attached at the rhythmic hip to Kevin Foster.

Anna (Spanner) Robinson - Vocals and electric bass. Our outstanding new singer and Consultant Harmonist Anna (Spanner) Robinson. Spanner has recently become a mummy, bringing lil' Miss Audrey into a grateful world in June 2020" 

Anna (Spanner) Robinson

big pink

Martin Belmont over in New York to celebrate a new documentary on Graham Parker & The Rumour, visits the legendary Big Pink in Woodstock where The Band made their first album "Music From Big Pink"


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