Here's the B-side of Hank's - sorry - Boeing Duveen and the Beautiful Soup's single from 1968:
'Which Dreamed It'.



The Wangford record company, markets Hank's back catalogue and the new album.  $incere Product$ books and records can also be bought online from, DJ Peanuts, Duffelbag and Alabris, though we offer no guarantee of their integrity!

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The "Hankerchief"

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Poetry Olympics Marathon AnthologyThe POM - Poetry Olympics Marathon - Anthology With poems and verses from Hank, Allen Ginsburg, Paul McCartney, John Hegley, Adrian Mitchell, Lemn Sissay, Mike Horowitz, and others. Only £5.

Available also from:
New Departures, 29 Colville Terrace, London W11 




In 1992 Hank Wangford and the Lost Cowboys recorded with the Zimbabwean Jit band, The Bhundu Boys. The album FRIENDS ON THE ROAD, has three tracks featuring Hank: 'Ring of Fire', 'Anyway' & 'Lizzie'.

Hank says. "The first track is a version of my little hippeshit waltz "Anyway" done african style, with me singing lead and the Bhundu Boys doing answering vocals."

The second track is 'Lizzie' which Hank learned from South African musicians in London in 1960. "It's a pretty Zulu love song by an itinerant Zulu singer who was paid $5 for the rights before it went on to sell like wildfire! It was in an archaic back beat rhythm called Kwela which has disappeared - but is done here in a similar Zimbabwean rhythm called Rabi."

bhundu boys



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Hank Wangford's 'Videos' including a selection of Hank Wangford YouTube Moments...

(added) 2020

Hank and a brief history of
(Hank's birthplace)



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Hank and the Waltz

Footage of the recording of SAVE ME THE WALTZ



Hank and Spanner

at the Ballintubbert for the Footsbarn / Glen Hansard Festival
in Ireland last September. 


Wanda Jackson "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" the Harlan Howard classic at Town Hall Party 1958


COWBOYS STAY ON LONGER by Frank Xerox (Paul Seaton)

The first appearance of the Hank Wangford Band with BJ and Bobby Valentino
and Irma at the Edinburgh Festival in 1984.

"Early Willie Nelson with Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours.  Willie in a roll neck sweater before the drugs kicked in fronting four girl singers in chiffon ball gowns and the Troubadours in inspirational western style with a job lot of bright green Stetsons playing unfeasibly fast. Not their finest moment perhaps, the whole thing smacks of desperation"

Early George Jones in his marine crew cut flat top period.  Deep set eyes, frighteningly close together, ears sticking out and voice like an angel"

This month's video and back by public demand is Hank back in 1968 in his hippy days of psychedelic music with Boeing Duveen and the Beautiful Soup. This is the A side - 'Jabberwock'. The single was backed with 'Which Dreamed It'.
The single is one of RECORD COLLECTOR'S Top One Hundred psychedelic recordings of all time. 1968 was only two years before Hank discovered Country Music with Gram Parsons in 1970 and his whole world changed!

This month's song is Hank himself and The Lost Cowboys - back in 1983 at the Peterborough Festival of Country Music .

This month's song is Floyd Tillman with Hank Garland "Slipping Around". The great early Honky Tonk songwriter with his 1949 classic, the first song to deal with marital infidelity.  Floyd indulges in some world-class gurning, tipping into a spate of Country & Tourette's

Hank Wangford & Brad Breath


Hank Wangford & Brad Breath (aka Andy Roberts) performing a little misery number from their current NO HALL 2 SMALL Tour. Catch them at a gig near you....

Someone calling themselves Boeing Duveen has put up two videos of the Hank Wangford band in 1982 with Irma Cetas - Melanie Harrold - singing her fantastic version of the rip-open-your-ribcage ballad "Love Has No Pride" as well as Hank's "Never Wear Mascara" and "Plastic Palmtrees".  Great to see this band, fuzzy and low tech, through the digital mists of time.  BJ Cole, Andy Roberts and Gary Taylor are all there and the site claims this show was from the Wangford Country and Western tour of Nepal in 1982. 


Here's Hank and the Lost Cowboys playing the Stetson recently...