Hard Shoulder To Cry On

1. Dim Lights
2. You're Still On My Mind
3. Jealousy
4. My Lips Want To Stay (But My Heart Wants To Go)
5. Birmingham Hotel
6. Stormy Horizons
7. My Baby's Gone
8. Gonna Paint This Town
9. Jalisco
10. What Happens
11. Get Rhythm
12. Prisoner Song
13. Lay Down My Old Guitar
14. I'm Coming Home
15. End Of The Road





Whistling in the Dark


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A 1993 live album, two weeks out on the road with the Lost Cowboys. Untouched-up and unprettied, this is good raw Wangfords crying out on the Hard Shoulder.


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"This is an early Hank Wangford CD from 1993, recorded live with an earlier line up. I've just played it again (Oct. 2011) and had to write this review as it's an outstanding example of Hank and the Lost Cowboys' raw sound, which they still produce today at their gigs. The sound from Martin Belmont's classic 6-string Fender Bass guitar is excellent"