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stormy horizons

1. My Lips Want To Stay
2. This Cold War
3. Ghosts (Feat. Dolores Keane)
4. Tongue Tied
5. Live Alone With You
6. Stormy Horizons
7. Your Cheatin Ways
8. Excuses (Feat. Dolores Keane)
9. On The Line
10. Anyway
11. I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap
12. End of The Road (Feat. Mairtin O'Connor)



Whistling in the Dark


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More Country, and with some Irish influence from Dolores Keane and Mairtin O'Connor, this is a strong and tuneful set from 1990. Wangford ballads like Anyway and Excuses stand alongside beatier numbers like On The Line and My Lips Want to Stay. The title track is a tribute to the Louvin Brothers' enduring influence on us all. By this time Martin Belmont, of Graham Parker + the Rumour, had joined and is in great form on this one. Reg Meuross does great harmonies.

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"There are no Strangers - only Friends we don't recognise."Track 9, ON THE LINE, is about Hanks experience supporting the miners during their strike.

It sings of a big GLC gig in July 1984.  Hank and the band were beaten up and trashed onstage by a dozen drunk skinheads in front of twenty thousand people.  The song is as much for the miners who suffered far worse during this pivotal strike.  Nothing has been the same in this country since.