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Wake Up Dead

1. Wake Up Dead
2. Trail Of Lies
3. Get Out
4. Counting The Cost
5. Home Sweet Home
6. Wedding Dress
7. In The Palm Of Your Hand
8. If You Went Away
9. Did You See Me Wave
10. Chaganuga
11. Johnny 55
12. Mouth Of The River
13. Simple Pleasures





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Hank's album from 2005, available from $incere $ounds. A bunch of miserable songs superbly played by the Lost Cowboys. Sianed Jones played fiddle and sang on this, even some Mongolian yodelling. A punchy album with Hank getting more personal and Reg giving Sianed a real killer of a song, Wedding Dress.


star star star star star

"This is the third Hank Wangford CD (from 1997) which I bought at one of his gigs at Bridport in 2007 - and a classic. Outstanding tracks are 'Trail of Lies' 'Home Sweet Home' and 'Did you see me Wave?' - which is as beautifully sad as Hank can surely write. All the other tracks are excellent..."

"More years ago than I care to remember (back in the 80's) Hank Wangford was a regular fixture in the Half Moon at Putney, and I went to see him often because his songs were witty, suggestive but never rude, and often profound without being heavy, and performed by great musicians with a decently irreverent attitude. A great evening's entertainment, guaranteed. Especially when you learned what Hank did for a day job."